Five Time Foundation

I’ve always said I’ve met some pretty amazing people along this journey. I’ve met people just starting their fight, ending their fight, and people who’ve won their fight. Most of the people I’ve met I meet through blogging, Facebook or Instagram. Some live semi close, others live far, one even lives in the UK! Social media can be an amazing thing sometimes. We all can relate, and have an instant bond and connection because of what we have gone through.

I finally got the pleasure of meeting one of my fellow survivors, Rich Canci. We don’t live near each other, so we met half way. Not only is he a survivor, he is a FIVE TIME SURVIVOR being first diagnosed at 8 years old. Rich is now 23 years old, and a year cancer free! He’s a true inspiration, and has an amazing outlook on life, like myself. Like we all should.

After all Rich has been through, and knowing how hard hospital bills, bills in general, and how hard life can be.. He followed his dream, and started up his own foundation. The foundation is called The Five Time Foundation. He will be selling awesome shirts, doing events, and raising money to help those in need. He started a GoFundMe page, to help raise money for the foundation to get it started. Please help him in any way you can, so he can continue to inspire and help the ones fighting!

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